Outstanding golf figure in bronze, signed F. J. Williamson

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A very rare, attractive and excellent bronze figure of Ernest Henry Williamson lining up a putt, 1910, signed on the base, F.J. Williamson Sc, Esher 1910, raised on an oval oak base, togehter with three black and white photographs showing E. Williamson in threequarter profile pose, in the pose of the final work, and an image in the studio of the original clay model being cast in plaster. Ernest Henry Williamson (1860-1926) was a member of the Wimbledon Park Golf Club and became 1910 British amateur champion in golf. He was the son of the sculptor of this bronze, and the grandfather of the last owner. Williamson, Francis John, sculptor, born 17.7.1833 in Hampstead, died 12.3.1920 in Esher, study at the Royal Academy in London, Sculptor at court of Queen Victoria, created a statuary of her and numerous statuaries of the Royal Family. Other works in the National Portrait Gallery and St. Pauls Cathedral in London Literatur Thieme/Becker, Seite 28 Measurement 56 cm, in high
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