Sponsors & business partners

Being a sponsor you have to come up with superior prizes again and again, which can be quite challenging. The tournament scene is not exactly characterized by an overwhelming originality. On the one hand, the prizes should be tasteful and of a certain value, on the other hand – and this is especially important for youthe tournament prizes have to reflect the sponsor’s standard. Our golf antiques fully serve both purposes.

Reward the participants’ achievement giving them prizes which won’t be directly put into the wardrobe. Choose your tournament prizes from the world’s greatest collection of golf antiques. We have trophies our competitors aren’t able to offer. Extraordinary tournament prizes, for instance an antique golf putter or a decorative old golf graphic including a certificate of authenticity, highlight the tournament’s significance and are sure to be remembered by everybody. We offer the possibility of an individual choice from our online-shop or you make use of our complete golf-sponsor-package.

Tournament-prize-sponsor-packages as PDF-file for download